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Does Kollagen Intensiv Contain The Right Ingredients?

All good products are based on the right ingredients and their correct mix. Just ask any person or company making something and you will get this answer. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about rockets or pencils, this is fact. And, of course, it is the same in the case of anti-aging products, like Kollagen Intensiv.


This skin-rejuvenating cream would certainly be nowhere as effective and popular if it didn’t have the right formula of ingredients in it, which allow her to help your skin be softer and look younger.


So what ingredients does this cream contain, that make her so good? Kollagen Intensiv, of course contains a bunch of different ingredients, but I’ll just mention a few of the most important and explain why they are important for this formula.


First off, we have Syn-coll, a patented peptide. This key ingredient for Kollagen Intensiv can limit the appearance of wrinkles by almost 40% when it is compared to a placebo, according to many studies that have bee carried out about it. Also, one more study, that was done in Switzerland, showed that the users of this cream improved their skin texture by more than 200%, mainly thanks to this ingredient. In short, this ingredient can increase the production of collagen and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm and moisturize the skin.


Another key ingredient of Kollagen Intensiv is Shea Butter, which is scientifically known as Butyrospermum Parkii. This ingredient works mostly as a moisturizer and will protect your skin from the damages caused by the atmosphere, like UV lighting. This makes it perfect for any time of the year, whether there is a scorching sun outside, or a blizzard.


Of course, Kollagen Intensive formula is not based solely on two ingredients. It has many more that will help your skin this way or that way. Of course, the first one of those that have to be mentioned is glycerin, which you probably know that is an important ingredient for your skin. The soap you are using is likely contain it, if it doesn’t it’s not good for your skin. Other ingredients, such as Green Tea extract, which is an excellent anti-oxidant, Cucumber extract, with its anti-inflammatory power and Oat Kernell extract, which will reduce any irritation and also improve the way your skin looks, will all have their hand in making you look much younger.


Naturally, all of this wouldn’t be as effective if Kollagen wouldn’t be as effective if the formula didn’t contain the vitamins that are essential for your skin. Kollagen Intensive contains vitamin C, which is, among many other things, as you are well aware of, great when it comes to stopping free radicals and the creation of collagen itself. Also, this cream contains vitamin A, a very important vitamin for rejuvenating your skin cells, as well as vitamin E, which prevents the rapid degeneration of DNA, which is the main cause for aging.


With the help of these ingredients and vitamins and their perfect balance, that Kollagen Intensiv is so effective.