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Kollagen Intensiv - Does It Actually Work?

I’ve been doing some research about anti-aging products recently, you know since I’ve started noticing quite a few sings of aging on my face, and have very soon found this one cream called Kollagen Intensiv. I could pretty soon see that this is indeed  a very good product and so I decided to go deeper into it.


You have probably already found a number of reviews, websites and blogs about Kollagen Intensiv and most of them were positive. This anti-aging cream is made in Switzerland, but sold all over the world in both local stores and online ones.


There are a number of things that can damage our skin or make it appear really old. The sun, for instance, is the source of life, but UV lighting that it gives out is not a very good thing for your skin. Every skin specialist, worth his or hers salt, will tell you to use an UV blocking cream, especially in the summer when you go to the beach. Other atmospheric condition can also act badly on the skin. However, it is when the body slows down the production of an important protein, called collagen that the real problems for our skin start to occur. This protein will determine the skin texture as well as its shape.


When the body naturally stops producing collagen does this cream start to be of great assistance with its formula, which has already proven itself multiple times both on the market and in the clinical studies. For instance, one clinical study has shown that people who have used Kollagen Intensiv for the recommended 84 days and have been doing so every day, have reduced the appearance of wrinkles by more than 350% when compared to the placebo.


The main ingredient of this anti-aging cream is a peptide called Syn-coll. This will make your skin firmer and the people around you will certainly notice that you have suddenly lost about a decade from your face. Other ingredients are also important. Shea Butter, for instance, works as an excellent moisturizer, glycerin is known to provide smoothness for your skin and is often present in soaps, Cucumber fruit extract, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as vitamins A, which will rejuvenate your skin, vitamin C, whose purpose here is to fight the free radicals and vitamin E, that helps slow down the degradation of DNA and immediate signs of aging.


Does Kollagen Intensiv actually work? In order to get an answer to that question, all you have to do is look at some fact. For one, this product is endorsed by many prominent doctors. Next, it is also approved by the consumers and, I think that you will agree that this is even more important. Finally, it is certainly a much better choice than collagen injections, which can be both expensive as well as painful. All of this, I think clearly say that, yes Kollagen Intensiv is a product that actually works to reduce many signs of aging as well as protect your skin.