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Much has been said about the companies, but does everyone already know what role this developer has in Brazil? TENDA is a renowned Brazilian construction company and developer, currently it can be said to be one of the main dreams makers in the segment of constructions of popular houses. Its projects focus on construction projects in the economic profile, this segment serves the population with lower purchasing power.

Although the companies has existed for 42 years, only in 2008 was it acquired by Gafisa SA, since then it has been the only one to manage its business. Active in more than 100 cities located in twelve distinct Brazilian states, TENDA has 17 properties and a staff of real estate sales specialists, as well as the entire process of housing acquisition. Your service is always personalized and directed to the best purchase.

TENDA has already delivered more than 55,000 units over 42 years of market, with 1/3 being only in 2011 and 10 thousand units only in 2012, which leads us to believe that the construction company is in full expansion and winning the confidence of new customers.

The Merger and Construction Company has a very strong partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal, so if you want to get out of the rental, you want to face the purchase of the house, but do not have any reserve, TENDA’s suggestion will be real estate financing through Caixa.


Construction and Finance 

Construction and Finance 


With the property financed by Caixa, you acquired your residential property and get rid of the rent once and for all. The entire process done by TENDA focuses on establishing the benefit of the contractor with the best choice. One of the advantages in the real estate loan with TENDA to purchase the property is to be able to choose the number of installments that you want to pay and also the term to finance the debt of up to 20 years. It is worth remembering that some factors directly influence the approval to not credit, the income for example is one.

It is also possible to conquer the house itself through the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program, a housing project developed by Caixa Econômica. The Program assists families with gross income up to R $ 4,900.00. It offers many facilities, discounts and subsidies and also counts on the support of the Federal Government, States, City Halls, Companies, Cooperatives, Associations and Non-profit Entities.

It is well worth any effort to purchase the house itself, not only to enjoy a living space, the house itself is a patrimony for all life and for the whole family and can be done a real estate financing Tenda and Caixa for this. 

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