Have You Been Financially Independent?

The meaning of independence is always identified with the victory of Indonesia free from foreign colonies. However, it turns out that the meaning of independence is not the same from one another, here is the meaning of independence from some of our speakers:

“In my opinion, independence is not just a formality, not just about what someone will do for his country. But independence is something that should be shown in the application that someone does in everyday life, because of every choice he makes, every way of talking , every choice he makes, it can be clearly seen whether he is independent or not. ” – Luccian T. “Independence means free from financial problems, free of installments,” Daniar Z. “Independence is free to be creative, free to do whatever we like,” Yodhi and Sheila H.

Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Apart from the many meanings of independence, actual independence can now be seen in various ways, such as freedom of expression, freedom of expression, freedom of work. One form of independence can be freedom from finance. For some people, the definition of financial independence can be when someone is already at a point where he has lived enough, without having to actively seek income to meet his daily needs. For those who are financially independent, they usually have assets that generate higher income than their expenses.

The meaning of financial independence between one person and another is also different. Some think that this means that they already have assets in a certain nominal value. Even though the lifestyle of one person and the other is not the same, so there is no definite standard whether having money in a nominal amount can be considered financially independent.

Then, does financial independence mean free from debt? What about those who have good debt? Does that mean that you haven’t gotten financial independence? Of course not, those who have good debt usually have funds to repay ongoing loans. The debt can be allocated to run a business, for investment (home ownership loans, etc.), for shopping, etc. Of course people who can still repay debt installments every month can still be considered free.

In contrast to those who have debts that do not run and continue to mount, usually begin to feel stressed and emotionally depressed. They are often haunted by anxiety because of annoying debt. For those who are unable to make regular payments, of course it is far from the term ‘financially free’. (Also read: This is the One Who Must Do When Debt )


Apart from Debt Collections

Apart from Debt CollectionsApart from Debt Collections

The way to get rid of this haunting debt colony is of course by paying off the debt. One solution that can be done is by negotiating debt, so that it can get a relief program from the bank. Such relief can be in the form of deductions for total debt, or in the form of installments with an extended tenor, and of course alleviating the customer.

You can use Ayesha’s services to help with the negotiation process, so you can get a relief program. The Ayesha team is ready to help you get financial independence. Please click on the picture at the end of this article to get help from our team immediately.

So, are you ready to achieve financial independence? Independent!


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